G-Land is one of Indonesia’s best surfing spots that you should challenge the waves. G-Land also offers the quiet atmosphere and the beautiful nature and wild where wild animals live freely in this area. Known as The Seven Wonder Waves Giant, G-Land have 4-6 meters along 2 km with 7 formations and the composite wave rolling barrel rolls. G-land, or better known as Plengkung beach is a beach located in the National Park, Alas Purwo Banyuwangi, East Java. To reach this place, you should be by road through banyuwangi or by sea from Bali using boat.

G-Land and other beaches around offer beautiful scenery. The beaches are still beautiful, a little trash, and white sand. The sunsets can be enjoyed at G-Land because the curve is facing west. Mobile phone signal is not good, so just enjoy nature. In the national park, there’s a lot of animals. Many wild animals, so do not be surprised if you see a lot of monkeys, wild boar, and peacock. You can see the animals directly, not in a zoo.

One thing about G-Land was not only surfing activities that can be done, there are some fun activities like treeking (Alas Purwo National Park along with cycling), snorkeling, fishing, diving, and more. So if there are less interested in surfing, alternative activities could be done. Facilities at G-Land are already quite comprehensive, ranging from Bar, Restaurant, Bungalow, Jangle Camp, etc. here are also supplied to rent a surfboard. most of the price offered in the Bar, Restaurant, or bungalows are in the denominations of dollars. On certain days, TN Alas Purwo have a cultureal art performances, of course this performance give entertainment for tourists who visit.