To get to Plengkung beach or G-Land, you can choose an alternative route that is closest to your area.
Several path options to choose from:

Landline is the path most used by local tourists. From the city of Banyuwangi you can take a bus to Karangente Terminal to Kalipait in Tegaldlimo Regency. From Kalipait the journey continues to Pasaranyar as far as riding a motorcycle taxi or renting a car. From Pasaranyar, the journey continues towards Rowobendo Post within 10 km, which is the main gate of Alas Purwo National Park.

From Rowobendo then head to the Pancur Post as far as 5 km.

Pos Pancur is the last stop before reaching Plengkung. In this post visitors must report themselves. From Pos Pancur the trip to Plengkung beach is still as far as 9 km. So overall the distance from Banyuwangi to Plengkung is 85 km.

Arriving at the Pancur Post, visitors who come using private vehicles, both cars and motorcycles, may not enter.

The alternative is: walk for 2 hours, take a trail motor belonging to the Alas Purwo National Park, or rent a special vehicle to manage the area. Usually visitors choose to rent around 250 thousand cars (depending on the agreement) to be able to load 15 people.

Arriving at the gate of the Plengkung beach, the journey continues by walking about 200 meters along the forest to the coastline. Along the way to the beach, visitors will find several resorts, such as Bobby’s Camp.

For visitors coming from the direction of Jember via Gunung Gumitir, after reaching the Tenculuk T-junction, turn right toward Purwoharjo. From Purwoharjo then follow the directions in the direction of the Bedul Alas Purwo Mangrove Tourism Park.

For those who use public transportation by bus from Jember, after arriving at the Benculuk T-junction, switch to public transportation in Benculuk with the destination Purwoharjo, then use a motorcycle taxi to tour the TNAP Mangrove Bedul.


For sea routes, you can use a speedboat / fishing boat from Grajagan beach (40 km south of Banyuwangi to Grajagan Fishing Village), from the port of the Grajagan people if you take a speedboat (1 hour) or a fishing boat (2 hours) directly reach Plengkung Pantai or G -Soil.

From Banyuwangi to Benculuk (35km) take a bus or take other public transportation. From Benculuk to Grajagan (18 km) and from Grajakan to Plengkung by Speed ??Boat, it takes 15 minutes.

For visitors who come from Bali, to reach Plengkung beach, you can also use a speed boot directly from Bali, which only takes two hours. The rate offered is 125 US dollars per person.


From the air route you can take a helicopter, because it’s on G-Land
There is also a helipad itself.