Plengkung beach is the mainstay beach in Banyuwangi. Because this beach has become a tourist destination visited by foreign tourists. The beach which is located in the Banyuwangi district is a paradise for surfers, even for world surfers. G-Land offers several prominent waves.

G-Land is also nicknamed ” the seven giant waves wonder ” because of the formation of 7 rolling waves without breaking up with a height reaching 6 meters which is very preferred by surfers.
G-Land is the second best wave beach in the world after Hawaii.
Three types of waves can also be found in this G-Land.
1. Kong waves or the highest waves
2. The second highest wave speedi waves
3. Many of the lowest wave waves Waves are often used for beginners.

But the wave situation can not be found at any time, if tourists want to enjoy the challenge of the waves, tourists must be visited in April to August, because in those months the high drug will be found.