Plengkung beach tourism has its own attraction for foreign and local tourists, especially for tourists who have hobby in water sports or surfing, besides that on this beach Plengkung tourists can also enjoy the panoramic beautiful beaches, white sand and blue sea water with waves without stopping – is a series of interesting things on the beach Plengkung.
       The waves at Plengkung beach are very large, the height of the waves reaches 4 meters to 6 meters. This beach is known as one of the best surfing spots. Plengkung beach always has waves that invite surfers to conquer it. Beginner surfers can also play with the waves around Plengkung beach.
       In addition to the charming waves for surfers, the view on Plengkung beach is also very captivating. Because of its location in the middle of the Alas Purwo National Park, this place is maintained and is still very natural and green, the trees here are still many and dense, the environment is very clean, making many tourists come to this Plengkung beach. Because the area is still green, the water color of Plengkung beach also has color, the edge of the beach is white following the white sand color, towards the middle of the beach the water is green following the reflection of the shade of shady trees, and finally the beach water color Plengkung is deep blue, this is caused by the depth of the sea water and refraction of the sky.