To reach the g-land, the traveler must park his vehicle at Pancur Post, the guard post at Pancur resort. Access to Plengkung is a means of empowering the surrounding community to manage transportation to Plengkung with a modified pickup truck to load passengers. At least one pickup truck can carry 10-12 people at a rate of about Rp 200,000 round trip. Rates do not change regardless of the number of passengers because the tariff is calculated per trip.

In Plengkung area there are three resorts named Joyo’s camp, G-land Surf Camp and G-land Bobby’s Surf Camp where the traveler can enjoy the naturalness of the forest, beaches and of course the waves. According to Alas Purwo National Park’s website, the waves at Plengkung are ranked 3rd in the world as the best waves. So no wonder if surfers vying to come to Plengkung to try to conquer the waves.

Beautiful natural atmosphere in G-land, Only the sound of the waves, birds chirping, the roar of monkeys and the wind that pass through the foliage reconcile mind and soul from fatigue.