Some of the beauty of G-land that can be enjoyed.

G-Land is an island whose contours are curved like the letter G. This beach with charming white sand is often called a surfing beach paradise.
Many people go to the G-Land beach to enjoy the beautiful and charming beach scenery, the activities carried out on this beach are diverse, many tourists enjoy the beach by going around the island using rental vehicles or private vehicles, this beach icon is the awesome waves for surfers, the waves on the g-land beach have three types:
1. waves with a height of 6-8 meters, usually this situation is often used for surfers who are adept at surfing.
2. waves with a height of 5-6 meters, this situation is often used by surfers to improve their skills to be higher,
3. waves with a height of 3-5 meters, for beginner surfers often practice at the height of these waves.

besides the scenery and the waves, the sunset on the G-Land beach is no less interesting, while enjoying a restaurant meal and while enjoying the beautiful sunset.