G-Land guest comment – Sham Woolley wrote:

“When I heard the words…’Your dad has cancer’…, I thought…‘Oh no! I night never got to surf G-Land again’… But the pulled throught and were saved our money and the woolley brothers and sister too made it out here for what – without doubt – was the trip of a lifetime!

We come for the waves and we scored. But the staff and the jungle and the stay will make us always come back. I have made friends who I can’t wait to see again. I have made the kind of memories that will last a lifetime. On a journey to be a bit more today than I was yesterday.

Puma has been an inspiration and a source of motivation. his patience and kind tumbleness – simply his presence – will remind me what it is to be a being on this planet long after I have left the jungle. I will remember to not get angry @ the squirels for tearing up my blessing before I have ever ad a chance to bless it.

Because they need food and goodies just like us. And after all, they’ne gonna take it anyway. They were here first. We love you Puma, aloha….”