Rick Ching – Chinese/Hawaian – Northshare, Hawai wrote :

“This place is very special, special waves, people and etc. From the day I got here there were waves 3-4ft, 4-6ft, 6-8ft, 3-5ft, 6-8ft etc.

This place is mean total wave machine. Gapping barrels, every day has been epic! the three 6-8ft days have been the highlight of he trip, especially yesterday’s high tide session 6-8ft Launching Pad/Speedies area 6-7ft good rides.

2 Big Bomb tuberides I’m very very stoked! As far as I’m concerned this place has it all. Good vibes, good waves, good service, etc at surf camp.

International flavour, met alot of good friends. Memories that I’ll never forget, after 20+ years of surfing, this trip has been the highlight!!

I’ll definery be back. This place is absolutely bitchin!!! Special thanks to Puma, Made and the rest of the camp crew. These last 10 days have been epic! Aloha till next year. The best run Surf Camp in the world.

G-Land Surf Combat – Aloha and Mahalu….”