Red Island has its own advantages compared to other beaches because the wave height is relatively 2-5 meters, the surfers are still amateur to professionals can comfortably surf

Unlike the case with other beaches such as G-Land and Plengkung are only inclined to professional surfers because of the high waves. In addition, the excess of Red Island Beach is a very supportive waves for surfers to maneuver because the more serious waves. And also, the rarity of coral at the bottom of the beach makes it safe for surfers.

High sea waves can be found during April-May and September-December. International surfing event was not infrequently held on this beach. Many things you can do on Red Island Beach: take pictures ria, play sand, sunbathing enjoy the sunset and many other things.

if you like surfing and want to go to the red island beach, do not miss the second best wave charm in the world after hawaii that is g-land banyuwangi