Activities In Plengkung Beach Banyuwangi, In general, tourists who come to Plengkung do surfing activities. The surfers mostly come from Bali because the location of Plengkung Beach can be accessed directly from Kuta Beach Bali by speed boat. But there are other interesting activities in Plengkung, which is enjoying the beautiful panorama of the beach.

White sand, blue sea water with unbroken waves is an exciting array of charms. On the beach there is a house on stilts, here you can watch the thrilling action of surfers twist and try to tame the ferocity of the waves of Plengkung. This stage house is specially reserved for the audience. You are advised to bring binoculars to enjoy the exciting spectacle. In addition to Plengkung Banyuwangi, there are also a number of other beaches that you can visit. For example, Parang Ireng Beach with blue water and brownish white sand.

There is no hotel in Plengkung area, but you can stay at a number of existing surf camp inn nearby. Some of the most popular are G-Land Surf & Resort, Joyo surf camp, and Bobby’s surf camp. All three have the concept of “back to nature” and have international standard facilities.