Indonesia should be proud to have plengkung beach or g-land, this beach has a wave that there are only four in the world. The 4 best waves in the world are located in Hawaii, Australia, South Africa and Indonesia. The waves in plengkung ranks second place after Hawaii.

There are three levels of waves at Plengkung Beach, each located in a different area. The first level is called Kong with a tidal wave as high as 6-8 meters. The second level named speedis with waves as high as 4-5 meters. Then the last many track waves as high as 3-4 meters.

For those of you who can not surf you can watch the surfers in action, or you can also walk along the white sand beaches. Besides Plengkung beach, you can also visit Pancur Beach, Batu Lawang Beach, Parang Ireng Beach, Gotri Beach, Grajagan Beach. The best month to visit Plengkung beach is May-October, but the best time for surfers is July-September