LLewellyn J Ludlow from Yank Mill Valley, San Fran O.B Local – PT Reyess CA wrote :

“The epic reef, the almond eye, and spul cruiser were all one. If some of my bros never make it here, I’ll tell theme how I surfed great waves, ate great food, and most importantly made good friends and had a good time!!!

The vibe unreal!! If the world had more places like this (G-Land), everybody just might drop their egos like they did here! Everybody had extremely wide smiles especially after getting exremely wide barrels…

Fuck yea I’m coming back!!!, Remind me to save more money and bring my girlfriend. Sizzlle Bub – Nugget – Adaptor – Fry – Boubles woudont hurt either! To Simon, Gretchen, Simon, Brookie, Jim Fenger, Steve Lowry, Don, Tom, Lexi, Bob, Tim and Mike and all those I forgot to mention (Including Yoman, Puma, Made and all staff on G-Land, Thanks….)