Jody Perry Sunomine Coast Australia wrote :

“It’s been said that the quality of humna actions is measured by the inspiration from which they spring 30+ surfers in the line-up might tend to compromise the dream somewhat, but G-Land – Grajagan still offers a unique and inspring surfing experience in an era of surfing that has chosen to pursue something less.

To all the crazy, fun loving Brazillians, the laidback Americans/California, the friendly Hawaians, and the twisted fucking Australians, that made the last 12 days so enjoyable, thanks heaps.

It would be nice to catch up again another time, another place. To Yoman, Pumma, Favio, all the Made’s and the rest of the staff, thanks for the hospitally and friendliness. The birthday celebration was really really special and I really appreciated the effort you guys put in to make it so…

Take care you guys, I’ll be back…, G-Land the best…”