Plengkung beach, which is now often referred to as G-Land, and currently better known as G-Land, is a beach that has a variety of unique and interesting activities therein.
We will present some interesting information about G-Land today:
1. First information, G-Land is an area in the middle of the Alas Purwo National Park, east Java.

2. The origin of the name G-Land, G-Land has a meaning of 3 (three) G, the first G is Great, Great is intended because G-Land has large waves, the second G is Green, the island region is surrounded by trees which is still very green and natural, so it is called Green, and the third G is Grajagan, G-Land is housed in Grajagan, so the waves on this beach are fantastic.

3. The route or road to G-Land is via:
#. Land route: Banyuwangi – kalipahit (59 km) by public transportation or private vehicle, kalipahit – pasaranyar (3 km) by ojek or car rental. Pasaranyar – Trianggulasi – shower (15 km), shower – plengkung (9 km) by renting a special car.
#. Sea land route: Banyuwangi – benculuk (35 km) by public transportation or private vehicle, benculuk – Grajagan (18 km) by public transportation, Grajagan – plengkung using Speedboat.
#. Sea Path: If you take the sea route, Plengkung beach can be reached by boat if you are from Bali or from Grajagan beach.
4. Activities that can be enjoyed on G-Land:
#. the first tourists can fish on this beach while looking at the blue expanse and fishing activities.
#. Other activities are cycling, tourists can cycle around the area, very beautiful scenery can be seen while cycling.
#. Snorkeling and Diving, The most exciting activity is Snorkeling and Diving, in addition to offering extraordinary waves in G-Land also has a variety of marine life.
#. Activities in the afternoon can be done by enjoying the sunset on this beach.

There are still many activities that can be done in this G-Land, all depending on the hobby of each tourist to enjoy it.