Greg Wright – Venke – CA wrote :

“I wanted to be surfing somewhere on my birthday, looks like I chose the right spot. Four in and outs in a row at speedies was more than I could ever expect. Da boys in the kitchen made me the most unreal B-day cake ever, totally blew me away, watch out for the jungle juice!

Kennedy made me a real nice 7-8 which is going back unbroken someday to return. G.K.charges anything and grabs the rail on the way down. Chick charges anything as well + many shreds frontside and is unfraid of speedies.

Met my good friend Sein Lowrey from maly which I haven’t seen in 5 years. It was just by chance he was here. Made new friends from Hawai,  OZ, Cal, a great place to meet people everybodys cool and everyone shreds.

And to think I almost did not come to G-Land, I had about 101 excuses why I shouldn’t and only one reason why….to surf. Many thanks to Charles Bragg for talking me into it!!!

Good food, cold bear, clean waves, need I say more…  To the manggot who stole my camera and first aid kit, may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your asshole!! Youre and idiot and a loser and as Hans + Franz once put it “You are a girlie man”!…”