Grajagan Bay is located in the national area Alas Purwo, Banyuwangi. This makes the beauty of Plengkung Beach diverse. Not just the typical beauty of white sand beaches and crystal clear water, but the beach is surrounded by green hills overgrown with diverse plants.

In addition to surfing and enjoying the beauty of the beach, there is still another entertainment that is obtained from this one beach tourist location. Among them along the edge of Alas Purwo, snorkeling, fishing, diving, and caving, and enjoy turtle breeding.

To go to the beach Plengkung, is not much choice. You have to pass the path of Banyuwangi-Kalipahit-Pasar Anyar-Pancur. Upon arrival at Pancur, to get to the location must be changed with 4-wheels vehicles. Understandably, road conditions are still less supportive. Not all cars can pass through.

Related place to stay, relatively easy to get. Provided some decent lodging places. For example G-Land Bobby’s surf camp.


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