George Bonaire, retired civil engineer, born in Prague, former Czechoslovakia. After coming to the Netherlands I specialized in port and maritime construction. Working long years as a manager of a large international contractor, He traveled to many countries of the world. His last position was the marketing manager for the Americas. After operating 18 years from Aruba, after my retirement he built a nice ocean-front house on the island of Bonaire. where he live in the last 7 years. His wife lives in Brazil, her native country. They have two sons, both with MSc degree.

Located on the south east tip of Java, along the eastern shoreline of Gragajan Bay in a large jungle preserve called Alas Purwo National Park, G-Land offers an unforgettable adventure experience for all level of surfers except first timers.

G-Land is famous for it’s large and powerful surf, but there are waves of much less consequence that surfer’s have the option of playing with. Bobby’s Surf Camp is the first and original camp at G-Land, operating for more than 30 years and popular by surf legends from the US and Australia.

During our stay in the camp in May, I was surprised to meet also several experienced surfers from Hawaii, coming there regularly during that time of the year.

All inclusive tour packages include overland transfer to camp from hotels in Kuta, Bali, area, twin share accommodation, 3 meals per day and use of all camp facilities. Instead of the tiring overnight mini-bus ride, is it possible to travel by G-Land’s 14 meter speed boat, departing from a Kuta beach in the early morning and arriving at Bobby’s Surf Camp in about 3 hours.

Because sometimes there are high waves in the open Indian Ocean, the sea trip is not advisable for persons suffering from seasickness.
The guests can choose from three G-Land packages- Standard for USD 400 for 3 days to USD 750 for 9 days, Deluxe from USD 530 to USD 920 and Superior from USD 660 to USD 1,250. While the Standard cottages are cooled by fans and have communal bathroom facilities, the Deluxe and Superior cottages have air conditioning and private bathrooms. The camp offers broadband internet connection so you can stay in touch with the outside world.
The camp’s kitchen serves excellent food in more than sufficient quantities. The management of the camp operates with a high efficiency and the staff does everything possible so that you feel really comfortable during your stay in the camp.

Room Tip: Because of the extremely high air humidity in the rain forest, it is advisable to choose the Deluxe…
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