Unique Big Waves at G-Land.

G-Land is a surfing paradise beach, the activity at this beach is mostly surfing, every tourist visiting this beach is for the purpose of enjoying the great waves for surfing activities. uniquely, this beach has three types of waves that can be enjoyed by surfers who are professional, beginners and just starting to learn.
The unique waves are:

1. Kong Waves (The highest waves reach 6-8 m)
2. Speedis Waves (waves with a height of 5-6 m)
3. Many Track Waves’ (which have a height of 3-4 m)

Of the three types of waves, each has its own advantages for surfers who come.

1. Kong Waves is the highest wave that is often used by advanced surfers.
2. Speedis Waves is the second highest wave or wave height below Kong Waves, this situation is often used by surfers who are still in the learning phase.
3. and the last is Many Track Waves this wave situation is the most suitable for beginners, because the height of the waves is not too high and not dangerous for beginners.