Those who are engaged in the tourism business of the country should be grateful to the overseas surfers who are willing to visit difficult locations in the archipelago in search of high waves, still natural in order to satisfy their desire to “ride” the waves with boards while weaving on it. At Plengkung Beach, Banyuwangi, East Java, these surfers like to find paradise for surfing. For them, money is no problem. As long as the desire to find the waves is fulfilled, no matter how difficult the place is. That is the satisfaction achieved.

As a tightly regulated national park, Alas Purwo National Park rents its land for accommodation for the surfers’ interests. Bobby’s Surf Camp in Plengkung is one of the inns on the beach overlooking the Indian Ocean. Many of the foreign surfers who choose G-land as a Surfing destination when the location is very remote and difficult to reach, this is because Gland Plengkung has the second largest wave after Hawaii.