Plengkung beach or G-Land state that is tidal boundary reaches ± 1 km from coastline with coral dead coral floor which is flat caused by abrasion. In the western part of the coast of Plengkung about 1.2 km from the coastline there is a sea floor fracture that forms a marine trough. In addition there is a cliff wall that is ± 600 meters from the coastline that surrounds the southern part of Alas Purwo National Park. Long waves Plengkung shaped elongated, high, and high-speed. Waves Beach Plengkung also forming wave tube is almost perfect so it became a favorite of sports enthusiast surfing.

G-land has its own uniqueness with a very good wave for surfing sports. Plengkung Beach is known as the best beach for surfing in the world and the waves at Plengkung include the world’s top 3 best. Therefore, it is not surprising that Plengkung Beach is often held international surfing events. Plengkung Beach name is also often referred by ordinary people with the title of G-Land. Where the letter G (G-Land) comes from the word Grajagan, the name of a bay that has large waves. G-Land is surrounded by unspoiled tropical rainforests.