Surf Camps in Third World countries have their challenges, such as no running water, a porcelien bowl for a toilet, and having to be cautious of malaria carrying mosquitoes, however they also have their charms in that you never have to think of what to cook or eat (you eat what’s served), you are at an isolated beach, and you have to be creative with your time if you don’t surf.

Bobby’s Surf Camp in G-Land has become “wife” friendly. Our Superior Cottage had air conditioning, sattelite TV, a frig and hot water, so it did not seem we were out in the jungle, at a National Park, where monkeys, monitor lizards and pigs run free. There is so much I could write about my experience, and it was all good, but time does not permit at the moment.

The memory remains with me as I’m stuck in traffic or when my real world presents itself, and that is all good too, but Bobby’s Camp was awesome! I will be more than happy to share the information should you have any queries.