Unlike Red Island, G-land or Green Bay has more mileage, it takes 3-4 hours to reach the location or more. In addition, the terrain that was passed even more extreme, although at first still smooth. The location of this tour is the same as Red Island, but still far away. And when the route to the G-land is separated from the Red Island route, then the streets should be ready to go.

When arriving at the location, visitors must be willing to walk to finally reach the beach lips ranging from 2 km which can be taken 1 hour journey because the field was quite challenging. However, the beauty of the bay’s charm will pay for all fatigue on the way. Its poached sand, the turquoise waters of the sea, and its beautiful nature is remarkable, berutung when visitors can find local panghuni aka monkeys. The beauty of Green Bay can be enjoyed after passing Batu Beach.