G-Land is one of the best tourist destinations with many spots in it, one of which is the Alas Purwo National Tamn, G-Land is within the Alas Purwo National Park, this is one of the reasons G-Land has a region or atmosphere very beautiful and natural. The main destination in this G-Land is its surfing activity, G-Land has waves that are perfect enough to do surfing activities, G-Land has a wave height of 4-6 meters, making it very suitable as a place to surf, many foreign tourists who come to G -Land to enjoy the waves and do surfing activities.

G-Land has a very beautiful natural scenery, the beach is very clean with clean white sand. G-Land Beach has three color gradations namely white, green and blue, these gradations are the reflection of the color of its white sand, green plants and the color of the sea.

If you enter the forest tourists can find the flora and fauna in the area, even the marine life in the G-Land is still very awake.
In the afternoon the tourists can enjoy the beautiful sunset while enjoying the dishes in the restaurant that are lined up