G-Land, of course, is already familiar in the ears of surfers. G-Land is a wave paradise for foreign surfers, G-Land is already famous for its extraordinary waves. G-Land or Plengkung beach is located in the southeastern part of Java Island, located in a cluster of the southern coast of Java that faces directly the Indian Ocean, so that Plengkung beach is a large choppy beach. Plengkung beach is also located on the east side of Grajagan Bay, therefore the right side of Plengkung beach has more dominant waves. Plengkung Panjang Waves are elongated, high and high speed. Plengkung beach waves also form a nearly perfect wave tube making it a favorite of surf sports enthusiasts.

Not only can you enjoy the incredible waves, G-Land has a million beautiful places to enjoy while relaxing. When you want to have fun with relatives no less interesting. Trecking is one of the fun ways to enjoy G-Land besides surfing.

G-Land is still very natural with its scenery, the road did not use asphalt as on the roads in big cities. The journey to take G-Land is very challenging because the streets are full of rocks and gravel.
In the evenings this place is still beautiful with a very stunning sunset. Tourists can enjoy the sunset in G-Land with a great view of the waves.