Plengkung has its own uniqueness with a very good wave for surfing sports. According to the surfers of the world, the waves in Plengkung including the world’s top 3 best and up to now has 4 times the location of international level event. Currently in Plengkung there are 3 (three) natural tourism entrepreneurs who provide surf tour packages equipped with accommodation facilities.

If you are still not satisfied to travel in Plengkung Beach dalan someday, then you must stay. Relax, around this beach already provided some lodging or hotel. Many will offer a place to stay so you can feel the sensation of this beach at night until the next day. Actually there are also places to eat that offer a lot of typical Banyuwangi and processed fish.

Bobby G-land Surf Camp since 30 years ago offers lodging accommodation in the form of camp for tourists, Bobby G-Land Surf Camp also provides facilities that support your vacation during the plengkung beach.