Bruce Duggan – Computer Surfboard Shapping / Design – Vista CA Satellite BCH, FLA – USA wrote :

“As always king neptune and mother nature have provided us with great surf, cool weather (68ºF) at nights and consistent offshore trade winds. The camp staff is as consistent as the sunrise and sunset : many thanks to Nyoman, Puma, Made, Mako, and all the great chefs in the cooking corner.

This place has a way of stripping away all the stress and other waves that we build around our selves in our daily lives. Hopefully G-Land will not grow any more in size but that is inevitable im afentid!

even though theme was 50+ people in this camp – the vibe was excellent. The Brazillians were way cool (No drop ins) the Japannese classic as evenl, Hawaiians with many mahalos, Ausies changing in my out of the water and us Americans pulling in deep and loving life.

Thanks again G-Land, I’ll be back….”