I Nyoman Bobby Radiasa is a surfing and owner of G-Land Bobby’s Surf Camp. Radiasa is very fond of surfing sports since childhood, starting in 1969 started from the game “serupan” which he did on the beach using a piece of wooden boards made. In the 1970s an Australian guest gave him a blue surf board which was the beginning of his life as a waves hunter. As a teenager he set up a surf club with his friends called Young Surfer turned into Surfing Club of Bali and last became the Bali Surfing Club.

The first surfcamp was founded by a surfer named Mike Boyum. Then in the late 1970s, the surfcamp was taken over by Bobby Radiasa. The development and success of Mike Boyum’s surf camp / Bobby Radiasa, ultimately inspired the establishment of other surf camps, such as G-Land’s Bobby’s Surf Camp, Joyo’s Surf Camp and G-Land Surf Camp. They provide a variety of equipment and equipment to surf, so surfers who visit Plengkung Beach no longer need to bring their own equipment from home. All accommodation has been prepared by them. For online reservation at G-Land Bobby’s Surf Camp, please visit grajagan.com or contact bobby@grajagan.com