Benjy Darrow wrote:

“Fantasies: G-Land was a right tube time would have been endless….

well, I arrives 3 weeks ago with 40 other blokes and it really didn’t matter. Everyone got a long really well and the waves were flawless. Spedies broke and eventhough I didn’t discover it until yesterday I understand. The pure stoke Harry, Jim and Gerald all shared.

6ft speedies would be dreamlike, black coral reef right under your feet, cavern’s unlike any reef I have ever surfed. As for the rest of the reef its totally ever surfed. As for the rest of the reef its totally rippable too. Enough talk about surf except today was smallest I’ve seen it.

We’ve had solid 4ft and ever everyday. 2 days were 10ft with only camel out, what a legend. Other legends of the trip were jim’s tube rides, Gerald’s chess playing, we won’t get into this cause one game he aquired not 3 but 4 or 5 queens against me. He killed me slowly but at least he didn’t rub it in.

sharing dinners at night was like pure family Jim, Shelia, Gerald, Joey, Brodar Rarry, Miles, Grant, chargeboy good folk. As for the panthers one has been stallavy my cabana for the past two nights haven’t gone to the bathroom hut once at night, and I’ve discovered pissing out the window is wonderfull. Thanks for everything”