Natural charm of Banyuwangi is very fascinating to the eyes of every visitor. Banyuwangi is rich in culture and tourism. Culture is very thick of the many areas in Banyuwangi, ranging from typical culinary, distinctive culture, and coupled with the Citizens Hospitality increasingly makes every tourist more love and comfortable lingering in Banyuwangi.

Significant progress improvements, especially in terms of tourism can already be said to begin to find the glory again. This is evidenced by the number of local and foreign tourists who come only to enjoy the natural beauty of banyuwangi. Starting from the beautiful beaches, beautiful forest, to the eye-catching waterfall all you can find in Banyuwangi.

In the first place of many Places Banyuwangi is occupied by Plengkung Beach or often called G-Land which means Green Land because it is located close to Alas Purwo National Park which has the uniqueness of beautiful forest and has not been plundered by human. And another meaning of G-Land is Grajagan Land because it is close to Grajagan bay. If you have never come here, come even once in your life