If you are surfing hobby, then you must try the waves on this beach. The best time to visit G-Land Beach is April – Sepetember because the waves are big. Because most of the facilities in this tourist spot in the form of dollars, so not recommended for those of you who do not understand about the dollar. Do not litter and always obey the rules.

The original name of this beach is Plengkung Beach, there are several reasons why this beach is called G-Land such as:
“G” is taken from the word “Grajagan” which is a bay located in the east of this beautiful beach.
“Green” because of the location of this beach that is near the tropical forest where there are many green trees.
“Great” because this beach has a very charming waves.
Another reason is because the shape of this beach resembles the letter G when viewed from above.

While the origin of the original name of this beach because of its curved shape, so that local people call it Plengkung Beach, this unique form that produces waves as high as 8 meters where the waves can only be found in some areas such as in Hawaii and Africa.