Alas Purwo National Park is always synonymous with the mystery stories in it, but that does not apply now. Now Alas Purwo National Park is more friendly with tourists. This is also influenced by the increasingly coastal areas within the park area.

A variety of exciting activities can be done in Alas Purwo National Park, ranging from safari to see the wildlife in the forest or play on the beach there. This national park is located in District Kalipuro, Banyuwangi Regency and became one of the oldest forests in Indonesia. Here’s a full review of Alas Purwo. Besides rich in flora species, Alas Purwo National Park is also rich in types of terrestrial fauna, both mammal classes, aves and herpetofaunaHere is an existing fauna in Alas Purwo National Park

Found 46 species of mammals in Alas Purwo National Park. Among the mammals that became a key species for Alas Purwo National Park is Banteng. Bull is one of the most beautiful and rare species of large ruminant mammals, especially in Indonesia only in Java Island, Kalimantan. The bull has a robust body, big and strong with the front shoulder higher than the back. In his head was a pair of horns, on his adult male horns a shiny black horn, pointed and curved forward while the female horns were smaller and curved backward.

Banteng spread evenly throughout the region, especially in the waterlogged rivers, dry rivers are overgrown with grass and also hilly overgrown with bamboo. The easiest location for watching this type of bull is at Feeding Ground Sadengan which is one of Banteng habitat which has ideal condition for the life of Banteng.

There are not many lodging options available in Alas Purwo National Park. The only way is to stay in Plengkung Beach area or in Grajagan Beach. Particularly at Plengkung Beach there are three lodging options: Joyo’s Surf Camp, G-Land Bobby’s Surf Camp, and G-Land Surf Camp.

The route to Alas Purwo National Park somewhat difficult. Difficult because there is not much public transportation that accommodates the traveler to get to the location. Travel will be easier if you bring your own vehicle or rent a car. This National Park is located in District Kalipuro, Banyuwangi. The location of Alas Purwo National Park is 5 km from the Ketapang port. It is located on the crossing of the lane that connects Banyuwangi and Situbondo. Or from downtown Banyuwangi drive south for two hours through Rogojampi-Srono-Muncar-Tegaldlimo Sub-district. From Tegaldimo trip will be slightly hampered due to damaged road conditions to go to Perhutani Post Alas Purwo National Park. In this post traveler can leave the vehicle.