1. One of the best surf spots in Indonesia

Plengkung Beach is a paradise for surf lovers. Not only for local tourists, but also famous to foreign countries, such as Australia, Russia, America, Brazil, Europe, and various other parts of the country. For surf enthusiasts it’s not complete yet if you’ve never come to G-Land.

To find the right time for surfing on this beach is in April and September. This resulted in the biggest waves occurring in those months. In these times high waves come in stages, each of which lasts for several days, with a distance of several days between each wave. The coming waves tend to be bigger and also better at high tide, so the best time to try surfing in G-Land is a week after a full moon or a new month, because at these times a high enough wave will occur for half day.

2. Plengkung Beach Area Still Natural

The tourist area of ??G-Land Beach is still natural, different from surfing spots in other countries that have high backgroun buildings, for this beach the background is dense forest. That is because Plengkunng Beach is located in the area of ??Alas Purwo National Park. His journey was headed there through unspoiled and unpaved roads, remote locations, pollution free and not many people. This is one of the main attractions for tourists.

3. G-Land Beach has 3 colors

Besides being good for surfers, when viewed from the sea, G-Land Beach has a combination of three colors, namely white, blue and green. And this is an exotic sight.

4. A Challenging Route for Adventurers

For adventure lovers, trekking to G-Land becomes a challenge because the route is quite challenging. Especially if you take the route from Perhutani heading to Plengkung Beach which takes about 1.5 hours by passing the asphalt road in the first 2 km and along the dirt road, for the next 8 km while passing thick forest in Alas Purwo National Park with pepohona big ones.

5. Ageless Springs

If you want to visit G-Land Beach by passing Alas Purwo National Park, you will find some Goa that can be visited. One of them is called Goa Istana, which has a spring called Sendang Srengenge. The surrounding community believes that this spring has properties that can make it youthful.