5 Facts About G-Land:

G-Land is an island located in Banyuwangi east Java. G-Land is one of the many tourist attractions visited by foreign tourists, especially for tourists who want to do surfing activities. G-Land is a worldwide place.
Here are 5 facts about G-land:

1. The Best Surfing Place in the World.

G-Land or Plengkung Beach is a paradise for surf aficionados, a beach that has perfect waves for surfers has become a special attraction for tourists. G-Land has three types of waves that can be used for advanced surfers and surfers who are just starting to learn to surf.

2. The area is still natural.

G-Land is different from other surf spots, in G-Land the backgroud surfing is dense forest that is still green, this is because G-Land is in the Alas Purwo National Park area.

3. The streets are still natural.

To get to this area is indeed quite difficult, because the road that is here is not like the road in general that uses asphalt, the road in G-Land is still natural with land and many obstacles to arrive in the G-Land area.

4. Different Colors On The Beach.

G-Land has a different color on the beach. On the high seas it is deep blue as in general, towards the edge of light green, and white on the beach.

5. Clear Sea Water.

Although there are many tourists who come, but this area is very clean and away from plastic or other rubbish, this makes the water in the G-Land area very clear and beautiful to look at.