The History of G-land

G-land is known as one of the best surfing spots in the world that stems from the expedition story of foreign surfers who “discovered” the G-land beach as one of the surfing spots. In 1972, there were 8 groups of surfers doing the expedition to the G-land area. This expedition is further divided into two […]

G-Land Natural Beauty

A beauty paradise at the end of Java Island, G-land offers stunning natural beauty. The stretch of beach with white sand, mountains, and caves in some coastal cliffs gives only one assessment South Banyuwangi this is a tourist destination of the traveler who wants to feel the natural sensation that is still very awake kealamiannya. […]

Beautiful Beaches in Banyuwangi

Natural charm of Banyuwangi is very fascinating to the eyes of every visitor. Banyuwangi is rich in culture and tourism. Culture is very thick of the many areas in Banyuwangi, ranging from typical culinary, distinctive culture, and coupled with the Citizens Hospitality increasingly makes every tourist more love and comfortable lingering in Banyuwangi. Significant progress […]