G-Land Package

Standard Rates Package : USD 640 (3 days/3 nights) USD 770 (6 days/6 nights) USD 990 (9 days/9 nights) USD 325 (3 day extension fee) (The prices shown above are per person rates) Prices Included : Fast boat Airport transfer on arrival (request prior to arrival) Twin share accommodation Full spring mattress bed with mosquito […]

Wild Life & Surf in G-Land

G-Land is one of Indonesia’s best surfing spots that you should challenge the waves. G-Land also offers the quiet atmosphere and the beautiful nature and wild where wild animals live freely in this area. Known as The Seven Wonder Waves Giant, G-Land have 4-6 meters along 2 km with 7 formations and the composite wave […]

Discover G-Land

Grajagan aslo known as G-Land is located at Plengkung Beach, G-Land is an international surf break on Alas Purwo National Park, East Java, Indonesia. G-Land location just across the strait and can be reached via boat charter from Bali. The best time to enjoying fantastic wave in G-Land is from March until November. between April […]